Investing in the Real Estate market

Buyinvestment property overseas could be said to be always a risky business and one of the fundamental consideration in investing in the Real Estate market especially a if you are looking for condos for sale in Cebu where the growth and desirability is extremely high, is not only the present supply situation of the basic utilities in the area such as power and water but more importantly, the outlook for these basic utilities. Imagine investing in a property situated in a location where power or water supply would become intermittent in a couple of years.

With this, I did some research on the Power and Water outlook for Cebu per se and Visayas en banc. For the Power Supply-Demand Outlook, I was able to get hold of some information from the presentation material of our DoE Sec. Carlos Jericho Petilla that he used during the 2013 Visayas Power Summit.

His presentation included the power supply & demand projection for the Visayas until 2030 together with projects that are intended to augment the present power capacity.

This chart takes into consideration two (2) average annual demand growth scenarios, i.e., 4.45% (aggregated demand submitted by the utilities to DoE) and 5.28% (based on GDP growth projections).

Noteworthy also are the 5-year plans and programs, both committed and indicative, that are intended to augment our power capacity and should cover our projected power demand until 2019.

As for our Water Supply (in cubic meter), please refer to the table below.

You will see that in Cebu, we have enough water to supply our needs. Coupled with newly tapped water sources, we should be able to sustain this in the coming years.

On a more personal note, while our current outlook for both power and water supply may be sustainable, Ecology 101 taught me that it is our responsibility to ensure the sustainability of these resources and not to just rely on the plans of the government and the different private consortium.

Here are some ways we can alleviate the situation:

On Power:

a.) Some developers have already included freebies to tap renewable energy sources. As an individual, you might also want to include in your investment equipment that will be enable you to tap energy sources like solar and wind. There are already a lot available in the market that can supply your needs and might even enable you to get credits on your electric bill.

b.) For your A/C needs, you might want to consider the inverter split type A/C units that should reduce your consumption by as much as 50%.

c.) As a back up, you might want to buy a generator.

On Water:

a.) Some developers have already included waste water treatment facilities in some of their projects.

b.) Individually, we can also ensure the sustainability of our water supply by building our own cisterns to catch rainwater.

c.) Use rainwater for washing the cars (you would need filters though) and watering the plants instead of tap water.

So it is good to know that the resources can supply the ever increasing demand as more condos in Cebu are being built so meet the demand of people looking for property for sale Cebu.

Another concern was tourism; with the expected rise of 50 expected in the next 3 years it means that the hotels will be running at higher occupancy rates and will also increase the number of properties for rent cebu used for short term or daily lets via websites such as airbnb.