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All the landlords who are letting homes for the first time or vexed dealing with other letting agents can surely find Lettings agents Leeds as the best option. The Lettings agents Leeds offer professional and friendly services to the landlords relieving them from the stress of maintaining a property. They can just enjoy the monthly rental amounts while the rest is handled by the letting agents. The letting agents’ offer two types of services like the let only services and fully managed services. If the landlord chooses to let only services they shall take up the responsibility of evaluating the property rental value, advertising the property in different media, shortlisting prospective tenant applications, accompanying tenants for a personal view of the property and finally entering into a tenancy agreement on behalf of the landlords. In the fully managed services the letting agents shall take additional responsibility along with the above services like regular inspection and maintenance of the property, organizing repairs, obligations with the tenants, legal action in case of tenant’s rental arrears or breach of the agreement and also re-letting the property for the landlords to enjoy monthly rentals without any break.

The Lettings agents Morley also help landlords in presenting their property in the best manner to stay in the competitive letting market. They do advise the landlords about the colors of the property, maintenance of gardens or common areas, installing contemporary furnishings, keeping the property spic and span with no grouting issues and also using gas central heating and double glazing that would attract prospective tenants to rent the property. The Lettings agents Leeds also offer guaranteed rent program to the landlords where they lease the property from the owners and sublet the property. Whether the property is occupied or not in the stipulated time the landlords are paid their rents which ensure a steady income for them without the necessity to worry about the occupancy rate. Their landlord fees for letting the only service or fully managed service is quite competitive when compared to other letting agents in the market.

Tenants can also approach Lettings agents Leeds for best services. The agents help the tenants find the best property within their budget and specifications. They help students and self-employed to get the best deals in market and maintain a balance to ensure both the landlord and the tenants interests are met in the tenancy agreement.they have their own team to deal with emergencies. They don’t want to get a bad reputation or get hauled into court. So, they will ensure that there is no breach of contract and everyone is protected. In certain cases, the laws are pretty vague. So, it’s best to use lettings agents as they know how to draw up contracts.