Wrong fuel in your car

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Wrong fuel in your car?

WRONG FUEL IN YOUR CAR: Recently, mis-fuelling has been one of the feared and definitely the mostly discussed catastrophe causing most vehicle breakdown all over the world. Most car breakdowns that have been recovered by many motor industries are most of time filled with inappropriate fuel, but since the car owner is unconscious or not prepared to diagnose the cause of such breakdowns, it is therefore assumed to be unspecified fault. Therefore we’ve came up with some facts of mis-fuelling, and possible solutions to vehicle owners who are unfortunate to find themselves stagnated with a vehicle that doesn’t work anymore..

What to do after using wrong fuel? Firstly you don’t have to start the vehicle. When you are at petrol station, you will meet some sympathetic staff who will assist in your condition as they have experienced this in most occasions. The next step is to find out if there is an expert or a company that can repair your vehicle and dissipate the fuel without directing you to car garage. This can be enabled by doing some research using your phone. You provider should be readily available and able to attend your car for less than two hours.

Can you drive the car? Don’t drive your car. This is because when you run the engine, the wrong fuel moves further inside the fuel delivery system of the vehicle and other associated parts. The most important note is that you may move some distance down the road with a mis-fuelled diesel engine, but a petrol engine will only run for some few seconds.

Can you turn on the engine? For automatic vehicles, there are circumstances where you have to start the car engine before selecting neutral, in order to move your car to a better location. If the car is at a wrong place or in critical condition, then you can do it but remember to switch off the car engine immediately after engaging neutral. Since major fuel pumps will pump fuel on the bottom side of your car tank the short period your car engine is switched, you will most likely use the remaining correct fuel that is original.

Required parts for repair. Parts required for repair may include a brand new fuel tank, new filters, connecting pipes, new fuel pumps, new fuel lines and injectors. There are car garages that will drain, flush and supply the fuel filter to fix your problem. A mobile unit will enable drain and flush to take place. Alternatively, some will offer fuel additives which will help in cleaning, lubrication and disposing any remaining wrong fuel left in the car system.